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As a Virtuist Promoter this is for the upgraded members. You will use this section for click bank promotional links that you are willing to promote. When you use the promoter section as an upgraded member choose 3 niche categories to be submitted. Get Started!
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As a Virtuist Master you will be promopted to view the products that we have listed in store, as a starter prodcut we have the blogging system, you can go here if you would like to become a master blogger with the site, basically if you are a master you get to teach others through the virtuist blog on how to write posts that are affiliated with the niche. And in this section you will also be taught to become a virtuist master. Get Started!
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As a Virtuist Affiliate you will have access to this text ad section. To use this feature you will have to kill monsters and aquire up to 5 virtuist points before being able to write a text ad. Get Started!
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